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How to Develop a Profitable Website for Your Restaurant to Fill those Empty Tables

As a restaurant owner, you understand the many variables that go into running your business and turning a profit at the end of the year. Not only do you need to create an attractive menu and have a professional staff, but you also need to keep the customers coming through the door day after day to keep the cash register churning.

If your restaurant has slowed down in recent years, or you are simply looking for a way to take it to a new level, starting a website to advertise your business is a logical next step. Most buying decisions are made online these days, so having a presence on the web will help to alert potential customers to your restaurant and what you have to offer.

If you are still asking yourself the question ‘do I need a website for my restaurant?’, the answer is simply – YES. There are myriad reasons why you will benefit from a business website for your restaurant, and they include –

  • New customers finding your restaurant when searching for places to eat
  • Existing customers visiting your site to learn about new specials and menu items
  • Professional appearance that can distance you from the competition
  • Linking to social media, reviews, etc.

Once you have been convinced of the importance of having a website for your restaurant business, the question quickly becomes ‘how to start a website for my restaurant?’ While you are an expert at the food service business, you are probably not a webmaster. Thankfully, there are website building services for just this situation.

Finding Someone To Build Your Site

When you choose to outsource the creation of your website through a service like SmartLocalPA.com, you can trust in their professional expertise to bring you a high-quality website that serves all of your needs.

By focusing on local SEO and creating a premium look, your website will instantly add value to your business and create a whole new channel for customers to find you and come in for a meal.

The good news when considering adding a website for your restaurant business is that you can gain an edge over the competition who is still operating without a website. In fact, studies show that less than 50% of independent restaurants currently have a website (www.smallbusinesssem.com).

Beyond that, only 40% of the restaurants that do have a website actually provide their menu on that website. That means that there is a serious lack on information regarding local restaurants on the web today, and your business can gain an advantage by doing a great job with your website.

Adding The Right Content To Your Site

So what kind of information should you make available on your website? The goal of the website is for visitors to take action and actually visit your restaurant sometime soon, so the information on the site should make that as attractive and easy as possible. Make sure the following is readily available –

  • All of your menus (Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour, etc.)
  • Your address and a link to directions
  • Hours of operation
  • Upcoming specials and promotions
  • ‘About Us’ story for a personal touch
  • Contact information

With all of that information at their disposal, you will be making it easy for potential customers to turn into loyal patrons.

Once you have a beautiful website up and running, you want to capture some information from those visitors so you can market to them on an ongoing basis. By building an email list both through your restaurant and through the website, you can start some email marketing efforts to gain even more business for the restaurant.

Email marketing is powerful because you can communicate in a timely manner with customers who already are interested in your restaurant. Send them coupons, info about special events, and more and watch them return time after time.

SmartLocalPA.com can help you take your website dreams from fantasy to reality in no time at all. Take a moment to visit our small business website building services page and find out what we can do for you. We build affordable websites for restaurants and offer a full suite of addition services to make sure your online marketing efforts take your restaurant to a whole new level.

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