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How Important Is Social Media For My Business?

Are you a small business owner who is yet to enter the social media market? Have you seen business slip a little bit in recent years and you aren’t sure where you can recapture those customers?

While you probably know that social media is hugely popular, you might also be a little intimidated as to how you should get started. There are several different social media sites that warrant your attention, but you need to know which ones are most important and how you should go about using them.

A Small Learning Curve

Right off the bat, the two biggest social media sites in the world are Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps you already use these sites for your own personal interests, but haven’t yet found a way to tie them into your business.

The good news is that with a little bit of direction, you can quickly start to tap into the huge markets that exist on social media sites and regain some of the customers that you have lost.

Before settling on which social media sites you are going to use as part of your online marketing, you might be asking exactly how to use social media for business. At the most basic level, there are three ‘E’s’ that should be the focus of any social media campaign.

  • Educate. You want to teach people about your business using social media. If you sell a product, that means telling them about how great it is and why they need it. If you are a restaurant or service provider, information prospective customers of your popularity and success will go a long way in establishing trust.
  • Engage. One of the best attributes of social media, and what makes it so popular, is the ability to engage with your potential customers. When you receive messages via social media, be sure to respond quickly so your business seems friendly, helpful, and professional.
  • Entertain. Not every message needs to be about trying to make a sale. Sometimes, it is helpful to just offer something entertaining that will brighten the day of those who follow your social media. If your feed is nothing but ads all the time, your followers and friends will quickly be turned off.

Social media marketing isn’t just about gathering up as many Facebook friends or Twitter followers as possible. Rather, you want to gain that following so you can turn them into sales, and dollars. The way you do that is to drive traffic from your social media onto your website.

The End Game

When you post something interesting or exciting on social media, it should contain a link back to your blog or website for further information. This is where you can see them turn into customers right before your eyes.

Not only will they be enjoying your content, they will also be likely to explore your site and learn more about what you have to offer.

Using social media to increase sales and leads is a highly effective, proven technique. However, it isn’t something that you just do once and leave alone for the next year to work for you. Rather, a good social media campaign requires regular attention and maintenance to see impressive results.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

So ‘how important is social media for my business?’ The answer is very important, as long as you give it the attention that it deserves. The largest market you are likely to find anywhere is lurking on social media, if only you will take the time and effort it requires to bring them to your door.

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