Traffic Building

Build Local Traffic – Keep Business Flowing with Consistent New Leads and Customers

Does your small business rely on the local community for your success? Do you need a way to communicate directly with this market? Use our local traffic building service to form the foundation of your customer base.


You already know that local business is the key to your success in the long-term. That isn’t a secret. But how to you find and attract those people on a regular basis? That’s where we come in. offers local traffic building service that will put your name in front of the most important people – local residents who are searching online for the goods or services that you provide.

How is local traffic building different than just getting traffic to your website? Local traffic is relevant to your business because it is far more likely to translate into sales – and dollars.

As part of our local traffic building service, you will receive a whole package of benefits that serve to increase your local visibility on the web.

Our Set Up Package 


Google Authorship Markup

Have you seen an author’s picture alongside some of the search results in Google? That is Google Authorship markup, and it is a great benefit to business owners. We will make sure you get authorship credit for the original content on your site, which will position you as an expert in your specific industry.

Google Publisher Tools

This is similar to the ‘Authorship’ markup, only for businesses as a whole. When you are recognized as a Google Publisher, your company will occupy a much larger space at the top of the search results, giving potential customers valuable information about your business.

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools allows you to check on the indexing and visibility of your websites through Google. This information is vital to making sure you are highly visible on the web – and we will take care of it all for you.

Google Analytics

Keeping track of the performance of your website is the only way to know what it is working – and what is not. Google Analytics tracks all of the statistics related to your website traffic, and your account will be set up so you have easy access anytime you like.

Citations (submission to 10 local directories)

The reality is that not all of your potential customers are going to land directly onto your website. To capture more leads, we will submit your business and website to 10 local directories – greatly increasing your chances of being discovered.


Sites such as Google reviews and Yelp hold a lot of sway in the consumer market today. We will ensure that your business is properly portrayed on these sites so potential customers get the last boost they need to reach out and contact you.

Custom Reporting

These custom reports will ensure that you are getting the most from your website by knowing where visitors are coming from, what actions they take on the site, and how more of those leads can be captured.


Ongoing Maintenance Package


In addition to the comprehensive set up of your local traffic building service, we also provide ongoing maintenance.

This makes the process as hands-off and worry-free as possible for you so you can stick to what you do best – running your business.

If you are a business owner who is serious about securing your spot at the top of the rankings, ongoing maintenance is a must.

The web is a fast-changing and competitive environment that requires consistent attention and effort to reap the rewards.

Ongoing Maintenance Package Includes –

  • Adding weekly search engine optimized blog posts
  • Tracking and analyzing of traffic
  • Monthly call

This package is for the person who is serious about gaining top rankings and maximizing exposure for their company.


Set Up Package Price: $750. This includes EVERYTHING listed in our set up package above. 

Deposit: $500 deposit, balance of $250 upon account set up completion.

Ongoing Maintenance Package Price: $550 per month. Payments due on the 1st of the month.  
SPECIAL OFFER: Bundle 3 months of ongoing maintenance with your full account set up and you will recieve 3 months FULL ACCESS to The School of Internet Marketing ($127 Value) – which includes The School of Internet Marketing’s founder James Martell’s Daily Traffic Blueprint course!

Don’t wait any longer to start building real and continuous traffic from your valuable local customers. Contact us today to get started with your local traffic building service from Call (610) 869-3844 or email us at and we will get right to work for you!